Restoring from a backup is only possible through the StoAmigo web user interface.

Step 1: From the ‘Options’ drop-down menu click on ‘Manage backups’

Options - Manage backups

Step 2: From the ‘Manage backups’ window, click on the action icon ( Action-icon ) for the backup you would like to restore.

Manage backups - backed up 1 (new)

Step 3: From the action menu, click on the ‘Restore’ button.

Manage backups - action menu restore

Step 4: From the ‘Restore Backup’ popup window, select the folder icon ( Folder ) in the “Destination:” field and select where you would like to restore your backup.

Restore backup - destination

NOTE: If you do not have any USBs attached to your CloudLocker you will only see your CloudLocker’s name in this screen.

NOTE: Restoring to an attached USB only affects the portion of the USB that was controlled by the StoAmigo ecosystem. Any other content on the USB outside of the ecosystem will not be affected.

Step 5: With the destination selected, next determine if you would like to do a full restore or a restore of files and folders only by selecting the drop-down menu in the “Restore type:” field.

Restore type question mark popup

Restore backup - Restore type

Step 6: When you have filled in all the fields, click the ‘start’ button to begin the process of restoring.

Restore backup - all filled in

Step 7: You will receive a warning message about restoring the backup, it indicates that the destination storage will be erased in order to initiate the restore. Click the ‘yes’ button to continue.

Restore warning

Step 8: If you are doing a full restore you will receive a second warning message about freeing share and list attributes of existing files and folders in your account that are the same as the files and folders being restored. Click the ‘yes’ button to continue.

Restore warning 2

Back in the ‘Manage backups’ window you will see the restoring has begun.

Manage backups - restoring

You will also see the restore progress in your notifications and there will be a restore icon ( restore icon ) next to the CloudLocker icon.

Notification - restore in progress

CloudLocker icon - restore in progress

Once the restore is complete you will see the action icon again in the ‘Manage backups’ window. Your selected backup will have been restored in the destination you chose.

Manage backups - backed up 1 (new)

Also you will see the restore completed in your notifications and the CloudLocker icon will return to its normal icon ( plus sign ).

Notification - restore complete

CloudLocker icon - restored